Saturday, August 1, 2009

1 August – By Amandeep Singh

Finally, got time to post something on my blog. Past few days, I was not in position to write my blog due to some health problems, eye test (Eyes were okay … woopyy),  X-ray of my nose (got some septum problem), and main problem that occur, was about brain. Over stress over brain, so much work, studies, learning everything and busy schedule lead me to lack of concentration, it was feeling like that I was working on three things at once. OMG!! my brain was thinking every day , every night. And doctor suggested my to take rest and sleep tight. lolzzz..  i do yaar.. but don’t say me to take rest. Anyways he Gifted me a heavy bundle of medicines.

Anyways, Right now i was just writing some programs in C, learning Programming. All the day C-Language, JavaScript, XHTML/CSS etc .. this is my daily life.. wake up get ready for Office, then College and again Office and return home for Studying. A busy schedule. From Wednesday or Friday, I am gonna teach mathematics to few students. Seems interesting…?? yeah but some difficult too .. because its my first time to teach someone (of higher studies) and this will add more weight to my brain. :)

Opening poetbay, just pulls me to my past although i visit after  gap of days. Why i look at that “Profile” ? Why i read those poems again and again ? why i found something new every time in those poems? Every time when i read those poems of Someone, I feel, I better understand these poems now from then. hmmm…… I am  living the busiest life I ever IMAGINED , but still I get the time to think about that ONE. So ………

Oye have you finished that PROGRAM?….OMG…This C- will not leave me alone…. ok bye

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  1. main aaj tak kise da fan nahi banya si .........but main aj pehli vaari kise da banaya haan ........... te oh tu haga hai