Friday, March 27, 2009

Solution to Conceptual Physics By HC Verma

Hi Friends,

Today I am gonna publish a worthy book, H.C. Verma Solution.

H.C. Verma book is so much popular among those students who are preparing for competitive exams. This book is fantastic. The conceptual questions in this book are fantastic and the exercise problems are also brain storming. So while solving those problesm, so many difficulties come into your way, to simply them i am posting this worthful solution here. So you can download the solution and can get a help from that. But Remember first try hard to solve any problem before looking into the solution. So Best wishes to all of you for your exams. Hope you’ll do better.

Download The Book

May God Bless All Of You.


Amandeep Singh


  1. hey...!!!
    diz key
    was vry vry vry useful.!!!!!!!!
    I just dnt have words to thank you..
    God bless u..!!!!
    thank u so much..))

  2. This book is a wonder. If you want to have clear conceptions about physics,challenging numericals which boosts your thinking capability & if you are an engineering aspirant then this book is a must buy. It helped to analyse problems in much more logical way without over thinking it.So I recommend you to purchase this book.
    Another tip, don't read this book for theory because you have to be pretty strong in calculus to understand the derivations, for that use Resnick & Halliday or V.K Mehta. This book shows you how to apply physics in various problems.

    P.S. Don't refer to Ncert at first for learning, use it for revision for your school exams.