Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is it a World's Largest Democracy?

Few days ago when i was reading the newspaper then i came to know some astonishing comments of a NEWLY BORN POLITICIAN, Varun Gandhi.. He is saying straight forwardly that he doesn't want the votes of the Muslims, Sikhs and any other religion.. he just want the votes of Hindus .. Hindus must rule over India.. etc etc..but now the thing is .. what is it? what is it happening? are minorities safe in India? what is the future of Minorities in India?

Didn't India learnt anything from 1984, 2001 and 1947 etc? ..Are these our leaders who are partial and racist...? what hell it is... I'll not call this a democracy...How can you choose that leader for a party, who is initially corrupted and racist and partial toward one religion or caste????? ...what is this?

Few months ago when some riots happened in Orissa and Chirstians were killed in those riots .. and At that time someone raped a Women, (he thought that she is a chirstian,) ....But she was a hindu.. how can the people be so racist and haters like this .....? how mean they are..

Today even after 25 years we couldnt give justice to the people who just affected in the riots in 1984.. they are just wandering here and there for justice.. IS IT INDIA's LARGEST CONSTITUTION? ....that couldnt justice with them ....Bastards they all are who are sitting on the Chairs ...i think they are deaf who can't listen the painful cries of the people ..

If you can't do justice then plz dont do anything more worse that can hurt those people.... you are giving the chance to those leaders who are blamed for these riots..and you have the clues that they are conflict..even then they are fighting in the election ..
What is this yaar... how can you be so deaf that you can't even hear the painful cries of the people and instead of giving them justice you are doing those things that they dont want ...that will hurt them the most...

That day i realized why the people dont want to live in India... Now how can i say I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN?? .... i dont think so i can....

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