Friday, April 17, 2009

Bye Bye To “Town Hall”

Yeah Most of you knows that my exams has finished. But many of you don’t know that how was my exams. anyways what i would say that my performance was not as of my expectations because Mathematics which is my strongest subject was not excellent. Because this time i tried my best, I put my all efforts and so much hard work i did, But just in vain and this all happen due to our THE WORST SYSTEM of EDUCATION (PSEB’s Educations System). Because we didn’t get the full time for exam. The problem was in our Exam Centre the question papers were not enough so they needed more question papers and they brought the papers from PSEB’s office (situated near Golden Avenue) and all this took near about 45 Minutes.. Which is just a foolishness of the staff appointed at our centre. Anyways since I am not satisfied with my exam so i am going to reappear in this (i.e. I'll appear in this exam again for improvement). Anyways also not much tension of this because my exams wasn't so bad .. It was good but not excellent.

Then Finally i said Goodbye to “Town Hall”. You all will be surprised what is this Town Hall. :) Heay this is my School . This is just a short name of our school mostly people call this school with this name. This school is established in 1854 at Town Hall. But since the old building was quite old so this school is shifted to G.T,. Road , Near Police line. And the new building of school is fantastic and also it is now the Biggest School in Amritsar. Also so many advanced facilities are provided to this school.

There are so many precious moments that i cant forget. All those days when all we friends gather and talk , made jokes, and so much fun, lectures delivered by our teachers, the lessons taught by our English Teacher, and some moments in Chemistry lab, Math Lab which was our all time stop for every problem, everything Just fantastic. I thank to all my teachers who taught us very well. I missing those days, I am missing my friends and I am missing those inspirations quotes of our teachers. The love and affection of our teachers and those funny moments with friend, everything is just memorable.


Amandeep Singh

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