Monday, April 27, 2009

Solution & Analysis of AIEEE 2009 (Video Lecture)

AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) is the most prestigious engineering entrance examination and the students willing to make it to the top notch engineering colleges through AIEEE have to realize that they need to have the right kind of orientation. By the time this class starts, AIEEE examination would have been conducted. Now, you are waiting to know if you have aced it and what sort of score should you expect.

In AIEEE the emphasis is on fundamental concepts and their application in different situations. This differs significantly from the Board examinations. The questions asked in the AIEEE seek to test the conceptual clarity and the reasoning ability of the students. This class would focus on the Analysis of AIEEE 2009 and whether you will stand a chance or not.



Analysis of AIEEE Examination 09 : Do You Stand a Chance? by APT ACADEMIC SOLUTIONS



This video lecture was delivered by APT Solutions on Wiziq. I am just bringing this before you. Hope so it will help you.

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