Friday, April 17, 2009

My First Day At Zanetine

            After waving hand to Town Hall,  I joined Zanetine. Yeah It was all decided that I’ll join this company one day. And I was waiting for that day since my IX grade. Finally I got the chance to be a part of Zanetine Team.  And it was quite a precious for me because it is the biggest and important turnover in my life.  So many aspects where there in front of me to join what i want. But how can i reject that what i am waiting for since IX. So I just entered into the world of programming and designing.  Being a part of Zanetine is quite proud for me.

The Very first day when I knocked the door of Zanetine, then i was confused about how I’ll manage to do work with the professional and experienced developers.  But finally when door opened and got introduced to my mentors, all the tension was just wiped away. My Chacha Ji (My Uncle) was there. It was quite warm and happy welcome. I liked the life at Zanetine. I feel proud to be a member of Team Zanetine. I love the Hours for  R&D (Research and Development). I love the discussions that take place when some problem comes to our way, they new ideas, the constructive criticism that we receive and so much. Also the party hours and photo shoots everything …is just fantastic. New projects that we are working and their privacy, the wallpapers designed by us, and my learning resources everything is just wonderful.

I am Loving it….


Amandeep Singh

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