Saturday, December 20, 2008

Constant Walk (The LAST Destination) 14 November 2008

Today I was walking alone. Walking on the "Crowded" road. The Road where so many had walked before me. And Even was walking with me and some were going to walk. Crowded Road, Where I was alone today. What i always wanted to be, today i was like that alone, free, independent, and was with only myself. But Even then i was not much happy.
Today I was free. Now I wasn't waiting for till late Nights. I was just alone. And I always taught myself to be alone , because lonliness is much better than being hurt. Today Those tears were coming but why I was pretending to be "A Strong Man" although I was just a Boy. The same as i used to be.
Why this Road was so long today? May be , Because i was walking on this. It was never seeming to be ended.
Love and Tears , I hated these things everytime. And I hate. I always just tried to stay away from these things. But Today Tears were following me. They were on my "Road" where i gonna walk. Should I call myself a Courageous guy because I was still walking on that road? Where was I going?
Never knew.

What was that feeling that i was crying by heart but just pretending to be "The Happiest Person In this Whole World".

The Last "Thank You" I said to SOMEONE. I remembered those Hidden Tears, that I never Shed. But I know SOMEONE has a better life without "RESTRICTIONS".

And The questions were answered themselves while walking on that ROAD. Where I NEVER wanted to WALK. Memories are following me and Tears are on my way. And Road is not seeming to be ended. I know it will be ended when .... Those "RESTRICTIONS" will DIE.


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