Friday, December 19, 2008

Smoking On Duty (12-Dec-2008)

I am quite sure about this that three or four years ago in Punjab (State in India) Smoking was negligible. That means people were not addicted of cigarette. Punjab was quite free from cigarettes. But in recent years it is just flooded. I think it is due to the flux of other states people. We know In Punjab , Majority of people are Sikhs who doesnt take any drug. They believe in sikh teachings. But i think due to increasing population of the people from different states (mostly UP and Bihar), who take drugs , tobacco, etc it is increasing very rapidly.

Today I was with my friend Vishal and we went to Post office. At the Main door of the post office there was a Rickshaw puller who was smoking. He was from UP or Bihar. It was so hard for me to stand there on that place. I was just looking into his eyes. I was trying to make him realize that smoking in Public Place is not allowed. And I was just astonished when i saw a service man who was working there in the Post office, Even he was smoking.

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