Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Terrorists' Attack in Mumbai

Today finally i broken my silence…i was thinking from months to write something ..but i didn't..i didn't write anything on poetbay..anyways here i am talking about Mumbai attacks..22 foreigners are killed..more than 160 innocent people killed in the attack and Our great and brave soldiers sacrificed their lives for people.. Salute to all of them..
but anyway come to the point what was the reason behind this terrorist attack what were their demands and why did they do this? ….
today all of us praying for world peace and wishing that this terrorism will die one day.. I hope this dream comes true..
I am not sure about their aim..but as they said in their demands , ” we know everything , we are watching every step of Indian government , what are they doing with Muslims… we know what did the police do with Muslims in the village ( i don't know the name right now). stop all this… stop being partial….”"
Today if a Muslim involve in these kinds of activities..then the Indian govt. takes further action and just put them inside the jail..i think few months ago when a bomb was blasted somewhere else ( i don't where , because few months ago Allahabad, Mumbai , Delhi etc bombs were blasted and also found).. and then two Muslims were arrested and taken in the custody…and police tortured them very much..and very badly…and they were unable to sit .i think one of them lost his leg… and then what happened that …they were innocent….they were not convict…and the govt gave them 50000 RS…and a Three wheeler so that they can live their life…
but i would like to say..that is it enough to just have 50000 rs…or just three wheeler…no i don't think so..if they are unable to speak ..walk ..etc ..then u can imagine how hard their life would be…
And on the second face..the Saints of Hindu are caught in relation with bomb blast in Malegow… and what the Hindu organisations are doing that that they are collecting the money from various resources to fight for their case in Court…even they have been proved convict..and they are guilty….everyone knows…. and also listen the speeches of organisation’s chief , ” We don't know they are convict or not…even if they are convict ..even then we will fight for them because they did everything in revenge ( revenge of previous bomb blast)”"
what is this ..what they meant by this..where are they pointing towards…???
this line is quite popular in India
“Agar bijli girti hai kahi girti hai bechare muslmano par”
Govt, must not sleep ..they must be aware now.they must take is not only about central govt..the state govts are equally convict or may be more…..
stop being racist..its not the era of 13 or smart and scientific..raise Ur voice.. but chose a better way…
All this happened in 1984..and till now ..the convicts are moving around freely..and they are welcomed by Indian them the seats in ruling parties…and they are our leaders…
Convicts are our leaders…hahahae.. Modi , chief minister of Gujarat who is convicted for the riots in Gujarat in 2000 ..everyone knows…even the OUTLOOK (a magazine) has proved by its spy cameras and recording that who is guilty and who was behind this all….but even then they are just free and free…
Equality is must…till then these things wouldn't be solved…. but there is nothing to be lost in we can just pray..
"Stop Racism, Bring Equality, Terrorism will die itself - Amandeep Singh"

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  1. so true yar ...i fully agree with this ..