Saturday, December 20, 2008

What I wrote Yesterday That doesnt mean , that alll happened to me. I just representted An imaginary Character AS "I"

Yesterday I posted my blog entries. There was a blog entry under the Title "Constant Walk (The last Destination)" . And when i opened my gmail account today in the mornings. Then i recieved comments from my friends
"Aman whats happened ? Are you sad?"...etc etc...They just started asking so many question. Were you in love ? Do you still love her? ...But I would like to make them clear that the story was just about an imaginative character.
Heay Friends yesterday what i wrote it was not a real story. It was just combination of thoughts. It has no real relation with my life. All of you know that Aman can never be sad.

Don't worry my friends. I am alright. And When i'll post anything about my life. Then i'll post that under the title "My Life Pages" ... Yes but that Smoking incident was real.

Best Regards
Amandeep Singh

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