Friday, December 19, 2008

"Silence At Both Ends" Page 1

Few days ago i was reading my friend's poem. She wrote a wonderful poem. And i think there was some reality in that poem. But I thought the story, she tried to write, must be corrected or must be elaborated. And Today if we are going to start with a New Story, then it would be fantastic if we start from the First page of "That Diary".

This title has a significance in itself. And you'll know yourself when you'll finish reading this story.

(I never wrote a story before. And i know there would be some grammatical mistakes. So I wish you people 'll not mind). May be This story can be real for someone but I hope this story will be just a story and let me tell u something about this story.

This story about a guy, who was quite happy with himself and always bounded himself in some restrictions. He always forced himself that he would never love. So this story will tell us about his life when he fell in love with "Someone" but he never knew that he was in love. But when he realized and lets start reading guys.
(This story will also introduce you with Indian Culture. It is more than just a love story. There would be small things where you can learn something. I am Sure you'll get something from this story.)

Page 1

Don't you think? Davi, This November is quite chilly cold. Yeah It is, Davi said.
heay yaar i cant come to the school tomorrow. Why? Davi asked. Yaar ...Mom and dad are going out of station so there 'll be so much work.
OK. it alright. Davi just shook hand and they went away to their routs.

Heay mom, when'll you come back? He asked.
Heay son we'll come back at the end of this month. Take care of yourself and also study hard. Its your finals board exams so u have to get excellent marks. Ok bye son take care and also dont do any mischief by which your grandma offended. ok take care and we'll call u after reaching.
OK mom , Bye Dad. ....
"Today train was moving very fast why?. or my heart wasnt following me.. ? I never lived alone before this.. " He was thinking ..and murmuring.

OK Brother look after this house. I am going to Grand Mother's Home. I'll come here every evening. He was informing his elder brother and was packing his clothes.
Heay while coming in evening plz bring the headphones yaar. I want to listen some songs. His elder brother apprized him.
I'll for sure. He replied.

Heay Granny!!! how are you? touching her feet..

(This is an act of showing respect or giving respect to them.)

"May God Bless You. and Success comes in your way", Granny welcomed him with so many blessings and love.

Where's Grand Pa? he asked placing bag into Uncle's room.

He just gone to Market to bring some houshold things. He'll come just in few mins. While going to kitchen, Granny answered.

continued ......

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