Saturday, December 20, 2008

The First Comment I Got ( Was From Kathy Ji)

Hello Aman,

Thank you for sharing this with me. In this world, there is so much violence and killing. I cannot understand all the terroristic actions and am unable to explain why they do what they do. All I know is that love is so much better than hate, that tolerance is better than intolerance, that people are people and surely we can find commanality between all of us- whether it be love of family, love of God, love of community. Love is the answer. Pray is powerful. And, hope must never die.

Kathy Ji

It is my first comment i got on this Blog for the entry "Terrorists' Attack in Mumbai". I compeletly agree to Kathy Ji.

I would like to admit something about her that She is one of those person who are in my contact even after two years. From the my journey of Poetbay till now.. She is with me . And I feel very pleased and proud that Person like her knows me. Throughout this journey of two years (because before these i was totally dumb about Internet)I met so many people. But not like those people whom i met on Poetbay. I get so much love From Poetbay So i cant Forget that site.

Kathy Ji , Thank You So Much..

Best regards
Amandeep Singh

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