Thursday, February 5, 2009

AIEEE in 30 Days (Message to Parminder Kaur)

I recieved comments from an Unknown person. First of all I would like to thank to her. Anyways lets come to the point now

She said that for a state board students , its difficult to prepare for AIEEE in one month. Yeah she is right upto an extent..
But what i think so that its not impossible.

What I can do for you all that I can provide you some sort of Study Material, I can Teach You online (don't worry I dont want money), I can make your doubts clear, I can provide you the Test Series and a Brief Material so that you can study Point to point..and that will be a AIEEE Level..

Anyways if anyone needs any help regarding his/her studies.. then you may contact me without any hesitation.
If you dont have much time to prepare ..then I would suggest you only One thing that JUST GO FOR NCERT AND YOU MAY CONTACT ME AND I CAN PROVIDE YOU SOME OBJECTIVE TEST (IF YOU CAN BUY FROM INSTITUTE EVEN THEN ITS BETTER)..

I WOULD SUGGEST YOU THAT NOT TO DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR BOOKS..JUST DO WHAT U THINK THAT WILL COME IN THE EXAM FOR SURE. If you have Less time ..then just leave those Chapter which are Unnecessary and not so important from the Examination pont of View.

Any Other Help Then I am Always Availiable.
For Studies etc.. Aman is always Ready..

These days preparing for exams.. exams are on 21st .. but i'll try to help u out. For now i can make your doubts clear of XII .. you may send me your doubts, your questions, and i'll try to solve them if i could get time... after exams ..its for sure..but i'll try to solve them as soon as possible

This is all what i can do for all of you.

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  1. Thanks a lot and I forgot yo write ur ha ha hehehe is too osam, it makes to smile all those who are reading .so keep it up Best luck for ur Exams.ur above article i saw I salute U that u thougt of these children but do ur IIT aim fulfilled so that when u will earn u can make schools and many more for these children and so dont take tensions as exams are coming give best of urselves in exams and thats it.I wanted to write here one of poem but i ll write later.Satsriakal
    Regards,Parminder kaur