Friday, February 6, 2009

Who Am I?


Yeah I know its long time now that i didn’t publish any poem on my blog. I was just publishing my life stories, my dreams, happening, about my friends, and about studies also. But I just found my old poem published on One of my favorite poem.

Who Am I?

a poet?

a dreamer?

a student?

a child?

a beloved?

Am i a poet?

yes i am

I am a poet,

a poet of beauty

a poet of inspiration

a poet of emotions

A poet for truth

Am i a child?

Yes, i am

I am a child of innocence

A child of purity

A child of nature

A child of my Parents

A child against Crime

Am I a dreamer?

Yes, I am


I love everyone

A dreamer

wants to spread love everywhere

Wants peace

Wants "Aman" in the world

A dreamer of humanity

A dreamer for life

Am i a student?

Yes, I am

I am a student of Science

Student of this nature

Student of my faith

Student of my teacher

Student against lie

Am i beloved of someone?

humm......hope so.......heheheheh


“Amandeep” means a symbol of love and peace.

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