Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Challenging Question of Science (Can anyone Answer?..Pinky, Kshiti, Karam, all are science students..lets check you out now...

I hope everyone of you knows about Electric charges and there properties also.
Anyway if you dont know even then it is ok..because i am just going to introduce a property of charges.

I hope anyone of you can solve this question.. Mainly , Kshiti (because she is a science student), Pinky (because she is also a science student and have started studying XII), Karam (Doing Mechanical Engineering)..and others..

Heay Don't Afraid of this question..its the simplest one..

We know that Electric lines of force act radially outwards in the case of POSITIVE Charge..and In Negative..the lines of force acts normally inwards..

so now the question is .. There is no POSITIVE Charge is present at a large distance around Negative charge... Even then the elctric lines of force will act normally to negatice carge? (Remember Lines of Force starts from +ve charge and ends at Just think about this and then post the answer of this question..)

otherwise i'll post the answer in few days..

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