Thursday, February 5, 2009

Somone's Beautiful Face and Faces of Those Children

NOW, I find Myself very selfish..because few months ago i was just living for myself. I used to wait for Someone ..and used to talk to someone. and never thought about anything more.. It was all, because i used to get so much satisfaction happiness and a lot...when i just could talk to SOMEONE. But I would like to thank to SOMEONE ..because I learnt so much .. Now i just dont think about SOMEONE..because she never comes into my mind..even if her face just comes before my eyes.. I just think about those innocent faces ..who are seeking help from outward..and before them i find my lover very very very little..

and NOW I dont cry.. i dont weep... i dont become sad.. Because My sorrows are nothing before those children and people who are not getting proper food, education and other household things.. I just want to wipe out their tears ..and i think I'll find great Satisfaction that day, when i could do this....

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