Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aman & IIT & His Dreams (Those School Children?)

When I entered into XII then everyone was expecting from me that Aman'll crack IIT. My teacher have so many expectations from me. But Due to some reasons I am not going to do Engineering. I am going to join a different field.

But I met few students who want to go for IIT but they are unable to meet all their needs of studies. So I just have a dream that No student must be left due to some problems (financially, tuitions, study material) etc..

So from now , If i couldnt go into IIT.. But Now my dream is i want to provide the best of the best education to the students so that they can compete with the best students. I want to make my dream true by them..

Why This dream came into my mind?

Few months ago When i was in school , I met my junior class student. I was known to him ..but I didnt remember who was he.. then he just started introducing himself to me. and tried to make me realize that we used to play cricket together.. Ok ok .. I remembered.. He is in XI .. I just asked .. so hows ur studies? he said yeah its going fine. I asked where do you go for Tuitions etc.. "No , I dont go anywhere" he answerd.. I was able to see the reason behind this ..but i just tried to give him some courage.. yeah its cool yaar.. Self study is the best way to learn anything..

So When i used to go to the tuitions I always saw those little children (about 5-6 years old)..who were in Governemtn Primary School.. I saw those children (students).. I cant say but i am not feeling good. how to describe those scences.. Is it the Future of India? Can they compete to National Level??

Even I am in a Government School but it is acquiped with the latest technologies. we have those things which any other private school cant even afford. Because My school is a Senior Secondary School, its name is "TOWN HALL".. EDUSAT is also availiable to our school and it is the biggest (it is covering a large land area) school in Amritsar (or May be Punjab Even).. Anyway lets come back ..

I was talking about the Primary School, The thing is i am not satisfied with the current education system of Punjab at Primary level. The thing is Base must be strong..if u dont have a strong base then u cant expect the best performance from them in the future.. So I think we have to start best teaching from Primary level.

I just have a dream to make them educated ..and not only just educated ..but WELL EDUCATED.. I hope One day I'll Surely Succeeded into my Dreams..and its not so far.. its just few MILES AWAY,, I hope so ...

"If I coulndt See those things myself, then i would love to see them by Others.. "

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