Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kshiti Dubey (My Poetbay Friends-3)

Kshiti Dubey, My Newest friend on the poetbay. She is from Hyderabad, India. She is studying in XI grade and in few months she’ll join XII. She is sporty girl. She is an intelligent girl. She has the same subjects which i have. yeah that means she has Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Informatics (or something like that , or simply Computer Science). She is a good poet. She looks a studious and all rounder girl. She is quite nice girl. She is simple and soft. I think she is quite simple. She is aware of her surroundings. She is a good swimmer and has competed with national level players. She has grabbed the top positions in the national and state level swimming competitions. Recently she represented the South Zone in the National Level Swimming Competition.

Anyways She is quite frank and she understands the situation and handle them in a good way .. i think she has a clear mind and straight forward girl she is..   She is different from the girls you meet often. She doesn’t talk like those foolish girls ( I hope everyone understand the way how the girls talk)  and doesn’t pretend to be something. She is what she is.. and i think she is proud of what she is .

May God Bless His Wonderful Creature & Nice Girl

Best wishes to her for exams

Amandeep Singh

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