Friday, February 6, 2009


I woke up at 7 AM today. and Just could got three hour asleep. Not Enough. and in past few days ago ..its happening with me.. So there is such tiredness and pain in my back. I must blame to myself for this (due to my ghatiya (bad) posture during studies.

I am just praying that my exams just finish early so that i can sleep for long long long time (but not for always ..hheheeh:))

and also Farewell is on 11th Feb and I need to prepare a speech to deliver before the students and staff. What is this yaar.... seriously its so tiring ..and abhi muje gussa aa raha hai (apne aap par :))...

I can't move my face in right direction properly (due to some problem in my neck today).. I think I slept wrongly..hehehe:)

Why this all happening to me?? Heay God TUSI GREAT HO.... Oye yaar(GOD) Taras hi Karlo iss Garib te...

anyway best wishes to everyone.... here i wrote about my life ..i hope you can imagine how i live ..hehe..i know bad habits...sudrooga nahi.. :)

Amandeep Singh

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