Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Addicted of Someone ..But Thing of Past

Today I was just wandering here and there. I finished a chapter of physical Chemistry and then i thought why not to read or write something. then i just started reading something and searched for few educational links.. and i found damn good educational links..

Anyway lets talk about this Addiction.. what you may call an intense desire toward anything..but i am talking here about SOMEONE .. i was also addicted of someone..hmm much i think so ...then i used to wait for long times... wait ..and the foolishness ... haahah yeah that time was a foolish one i must say.. u desire for that person what cant be urs... hahahah

now today if i see myself and compare myself to aman in the past...then i think at that time i was a dumb guy... nothing really gutz ... a studious guy can never be allrounder... so now what i think that what i am the happiest person.. i talk to the people ..but dont take them seriously....dont care what they think.. dont care what will the say.. just follow my own rules... dont care of anyone ..because i dont love anyone now...

Love a Girl you'll Lost. Love Science You'll Guide

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