Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Best Way to Cheer Up Yourself (My Foolishness May Be)

Sometimes when i stand in front of the mirror…. i just talk to myself.. i think its quite funny thing for me but also helpful ..because so many things that you can’t tell anyone, you can tell that person (a man in the mirror).. you can share anything whatever you want to … So many things, that you don’t tell because you think people will laugh at you.. but when you see your shadow in the mirror then you don’t care someone laugh at you or not.. you just …… :)

Sometimes when you feel alone and something lost.. and you can’t find anyone who can cheer up you.. then i must say that just look at yourself in the mirror.. and think something foolish, idiotic, can also act like an actor whom you wana meet.. you can also practice of that time when you’ll meet you dream partner.. hhahaahha .. so many foolish things .. i know .. but i promise you that you’ll surely laugh and will be cheered up…


Amandeep Singh

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