Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still We Are Divided (Divided India and Divided World)

Today i was just taking coffee. I was in deep thoughts thinking something useful or critical.. But anyway what i could remember that is .."Why are we still divided??"

Few days ago i was reading something and i got the chance to visit a site.. (i think it is correct ..but not sure).I dont know what i was searching for but when i was searching for ..then i visited a page of discussion on the Religion, Creed, etc...that means they were comparising eachother. They were fighting withough any mean. They were comparising India and Pakistan, North Indians and South indians , etc etc..Which religion is best? Hindu is born hindu..Comparison between Sikhs- hindu, Hinus-Muslims, Muslims- Sikhs etc... What the hell those topics were!!!!.. I was offended by the posts submitted there by the people.

I was just smiling on their foolish acts..they were using abusing language in their posts.. They were abusing eachother, they were abusing the creeds, Black, much

The thing is i dont know what is the problem of people, why they differentiate the people by their castes, creeds, religions etc.. If these mistakes are done by the children then those mistakes can be said as Childish mistakes..but there i saw the people (i think those would be elder than me), were fighting.

Today we say that the people dont have the time, they are so busy etc etc.. We say india is developing and India will become a superpower one day..Doesn't it look like a joke???
India cant develop if we continued fighting and wasting time on the religious talks.. I noticed that the Politicians and the "Prophets (They call themselves)" of the religions plays very well with the feelings of the people. In India people have blind faith towards religions. Politicians can easily make the fight between the people of two different religion. They just need to make an issue of a Religious conflict.then it is into there hands what they wants..then Police will see the deaths of the people infront of them....the warmy will come in action after three days when hundreds of people will be died.....

so the main topic of my this blog entry was why do we say that I am punjabi, I am Marathi, I am Gujarati, I am Bengali, etc.. We dont say We are Indian.. I dont say it is wrong to call urself punjabi, gujarati etc..but yaar dont fight on these topics...Cant we be united and fight with the problems india Currently Facing?? cant be do something Constructive? if we cant do something Constructive then plz dont do destructive also.. Please dont put the HATE in people's heart...

Be United..Unity has strength..Heay Guys this is not only about India.. This is happening all around this world..

It would be wastage of time if we fight on these kinds of topics..if you really wants to do something for your country then do something something different... green evolution, strong economic power, education in all parts of country, health and development....etc etc...there are so many things to do..if u want to do

Best Regards

Amandeep Singh

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