Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Books for AIEEE ( A Review of Different Books)

There are bundle of books for AIEEE and IIT..so its the most difficult question which one is good that covers everything (or maximum matter) for these exams
ok ..let me explain you position of every book... (one more thing ,,to solve any book depends upon the student how he/she studies or how many hours a student devotes to study).... I don't know about ur style of studying..but mine is..i cant study in day..i just study in night...so to solve any book ..the proper sitting is required..... you must not buy many books ..like ye bi le lo..yeh bi le lo... etc etc...you must have an aim..if i started this book..then I'll solve it completely.. don't solve or try anything haphazardly..don't be haphazard..
there are so many publishers like MTG, TMH, ARIHANT, BHATLA, BHARTI BHAWAN, DHANPAT RAI, OSWAL, RACHNA SAGAR'S TOGETHER WITH.., MODERN ABC,PRADEEP,DINESH.......you are thinking..ki why so many publisher Aman wrote here...Sorry I forgot one ..DISHA (a leading publisher these days)... ..ok..the thing is ..me and my friend have the collection of books...i think we have book of every publisher... and for one subject we have four or five books..
so the choice is quite difficult...
the thing is every publisher has a unique book for a single subject...if his books are best in physics then the other subject book may not be so good ...
Lets come to the Chemistry first
suggestion 1. don't go for Morrison Boyd, JD lee, Solomon, Clayden, Crewey etc..i don't say these books are not good..these are good..but these are the reference books..they are not exact patter of IIT or AIEEE...so this is the wastage of money and also the wastage of time..
2. I think Bhatla books are the best series of books for Chemistry..in this matter is well elaborated and explained very well... there are four parts of chemistry.. "Organic Chemistry", General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry ...they have a separate book for each part...and i think these are quite good (For AIEEE and IIT both)..
Now the thing is these books are quite large and material is also quite much..  so if u can read and study (and you have a proper sitting)..then u can go for these books are ..i don't think so we need to buy any objective book after going through these books..  because they have objective questions on the last pages of every chapter
haan if you cant study like you must...then you can go for a Local Publisher's book...like Pradeep, Dinesh, JBD, etc...
for just practicing more Multiple Chocie question ..then you can also go for MCQ by Bharti bhawan...

anyway these were the books for Chemistry...and at the last u have the tests in your institution..there will be assignments, etc..
if you don't want READ subjective...the books i mentioned above...those books were subjective....and u just need to buy an OBJECTIVE BOOK which is sufficient ..then Go for
DISHA's Challenger Chemistry For IIT ..or DISHA's Challenger Chemistry For AIEEE ( I am not sure about AIEEE challenger ..but i have IIT ..and that is the BEST one.)...
So lets summarize everything now..
Books For Chemistry:
1. Bhatla's Series of Books (Subjective Books also contains Objective questions at the end of each chapter),
2.MCQ Chemistry of Bharti Bhawan (A little one but effective book ..don't need to buy if u have bought Bhatla),
3. Disha's IIT Challenger Chemistry or Disha's AIEEE Challenger Chemistry.. (You may bought which one you need ..IIT or AIEEE .that mean what you want to do)
4. NCERT Books are good but very short  ..also (no need to buy ..u can download them from internet)..the exercise of NCERT must be solved..because Everything is based on NCERT)
At the Last i'll suggest you...no need to go for Arihant, MTG, etc..  or other which i specified above...

For Mathematics
What i think .....the thing is ..don't need to go for  "Calculus by  Thomas & Finney",  SL LONEY ..etc.. i have these books but i couldn't get the time to study them...so don't buy if you cant..  but if  you need then you may tell me.. i have also downloaded these books ..(SL Loney is not of our level i think.....its like ..jumbling....don't waste your time to solve very difficult books...  the another one is "Thomas and Finney" I have done few chapters..but it was okay okay book..not such difficult)
Now come to "ML Khanna"..i think ML Khanna is a good one..they have explained the methods of solving the sums very nicely..and also there are thousands of sums to solve... its a quite heavy one and also not so costly ...(.second hand u may get in 200 or just above)..
Arihant's books ... like 1. "Differential Calculus By Amit M. Agarwal", 2. "Integral Calculus by Amit M. Agarwal" and 3. "Problems in Mathematics By SK Goyal"
1st and 2nd are good one..they have covered lot of type of sums.. 3rd one..is difficult,  i found..
Course in Mathematics for IIT- JEE by TMH (is a good one..purely IIT pattern.)
MCQ by  A.Das. Gupta ( a little one but effective)
But these books are IIT Level

anyway lets Summarize now
For IIT- You may go for IIT-TMH, Arihant, and ML Khanna (even then you want have more strict choice then ..just buy TMH and ML Khnna no need to buy another one...but ensure that u must solve them completely)

For AIEEE-   ML Khanna  and u can also go for AIEEE-TMH.. no need to waste time and money in buying other books... but u have to solve them in a good way...

Lets Come to the Physics now...my fav subject
there are millions of books on physics and its very very hard to select few of them..anyway lets try
First of all . i would suggest you... Dont Go for "I.E. Irodov"..
For Reference book you may go for University Physics.. (It covers everything ..which is in Resnick Halliday and Physics for Scientists and Engineers)..University Physics is a complete book u can say but the problem is it is not for IIT or AIEEE patter....its just a reference book and for concept clarification.. 
Bhatala's Physics (two parts..one is for XI and second is for XII) ..its the quite nice book...
MTG's Interactive books are quite interesting also..they have a different technique of concept clarification.. but there u cant found numerical etc..MTG's Interactive Physics Series is totally fundamental based books...
Arihant's Physics by DC Pandey..is also good one..
HC Verma book is also enough one
so many others..but just forget about them

For AIEEE-   you don't need to buy so many books .. I must say HC Verma and NCERT Physics are fantastic .. (the exercise part of NCERT physics is comparable to IIT level)..if u solve just these two books then ...just think u are fully fit for AIEEE..and if you want to more practice then u may go for DISHA's Objective Physics...  and Bhatla's Physics (Subjective one but also contains tricky questions and bundle of numericals)..
from all above disscussion it comes now

Chemistry - 1. Bhatla's Series of Books  2.MCQ Chemistry of Bharti Bhawan 3. NCERT 4. Disha's Challenger (if u have enough money and feel more to practice)
Physics :  1. NCERT (MUST) 2. HC VERMA (MUST) . 3. University Physics (for Concept Clarification)  4.Disha's AIEEE Objective Physics 5. Bhatala Physics Subjective 
Mathematics  1. ML Khanna 2.TMH


  1. Thankyou you refined all books and have done such a great work.

  2. for aieee mathematics a book under arihant publication by mr. rajiv manocha is the best seller nwdays and also the best book i ever saw in each front

  3. thanks...for the suggestion

  4. After fifteen years of teaching,i do not have faith on NCERT books of physics,eccept it is covering the syllabus.The presentation of class XI book,wave optics.semiconductor,communication.. of XII book..are not up to the mark.Writer like gagan gupta, Alika khare are not efficent at all.

  5. gr8 review of such fat books man.Ummm..... jus wanna kno how many such books u have

  6. thanks u helped a lot

  7. thans a lot for the help... i have downloaded University Physics by "Addison Wesley", Hope it works for me. thans a lot again rest things will depend on how I take forward these books.

  8. thanks a lot nuddy.i was in tension to do which b ook in physics and mathematics.well i have joined vidyamandir classes and they not do anything else except there module.so m puzzled!!plz help

  9. NCERT Textbooks are finalized by a committee after extensive review and the role of individual authors is limited. For any shortcoming the review committee and not the individual authors to be blamed. People like Gagan Gupta , Alika Khare etc have a standing in their fields and do not need a certificate from a teacher with 15 years experience about their caliber.

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  11. Thanks U helped me a lot But u didnt mention OP tandon 4 Physical chemistry.Its a great Book.

  12. Is H.C Verma Better or arihant books??

  13. yeah OP tandon is vry nice book for physical chemistry..

  14. H.C.Verma is better..u should finish it first and then move towards other books..

    Best of Luck to u all..for ur preparation..

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