Monday, January 19, 2009

Marjan – From Poetbay

Often people think and ask , Aman Why do you love Poetbay so much? why do you consider it as your family?

There are so many reasons behind this. May be people call me foolish due to my this act ..but  i like this site ..because i met here some great people and i learnt so much from them. And MARJAN was one of them. She is the one of the first friend i ever met on this Internet.

Marjan, She is my first friend whom i met on this internet and i found her on Poetbay. She is like my sister. Because i think at that age or at that time i wasn’t like this what i am now.  She is still like my sister and i consider her as my best friend also. She is a lover of literature. She is from Iran and she is pursuing her under graduation these days. She belongs to Baha'ism faith. and she is studying in the university of Baha'ism .. She is just a fantastic girl and very good listener. I didn’t really chat with her online (Because she doesn’t come online usually). But i always talked to her by messages on poetbay and emails. She guides very well and her suggestions are also quite efficient and valuable.

Few months ago i got the chance to chat with her (After a year i got this chance).  We talked about studies, life, much..i know..that was like a dream come true…. I am not sure ..but i think we chatted for more than 4 or 5 hours.. because there was so much to talk ..there was so much to share with each other..there was so much to know and tell..there was so much happiness and joys to share..

It was very nice talking to her. But I couldnt talk to her after that. When i came to know about the govt. of Iran , who doesn’t that the followers of Baha'ism study, i felt very sad. I think they were gonna ban that University. It was quite inhuman and against the human rights. But i think she said in her messages that however they succeeded in saving that university. we talk about the cultures also and also some sort of Indian names. She liked the names of the Indian people because there is always a meaning behind the name of Indian people. We talked about the culture of our countries, corruption, etc..

I always remember that day .. we chatted regularly for few days. But i didn't hear from her since that day..and it was three or four months ago

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