Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zana Gojani - My Poetbay Friends (Part-2)

Yeah now this is the second entry under the post of Poetbay Friends.. lets talk about Zana Gojani.... wai wait wait ..let me read MY Diary where i have written about here .. (because i couldnt talk to since oct let me read what i have written about her in my Diaries..) Definition of a Person Doesnt Change for me..what she was ..she is same even now..but i have changed now...

Zana Gojani, hmm I think she was my second friend on Poetbay. and she is from Kosovo .. i think now she is in XII grade in American School of Kosovo.. When i met her first time ..then truely say ..i never thought she can be my friend.. haha..because she was totally different from me .. (at that time i used to be very religious and studious as compare to present).. and also i was quite immature and wasnt much talktative because I was new to this Internet.. then i found her ..and she was the fantastic friend i must say .. i admire her ..because i learnt so much from.... I like her attitude ..she wasnt like other girls ..who just talk about make up, dressings, and looks etc.. she was a bit different .. she likes dark things .. i like her collection of pictures she published on the Hi5.. and when my cousin (my sister)..just saw those pictures ..she was just scared (because she was a quite younger than me )..haha.. But I like her collection of pictures .. my fav. after that i thought of look into the picture...then i tried to started looking INTO the pictres and tried what the pictures want to say .... Her poems were written on those Pictures and those poes were just related to the picture.. i remember once i read her poem WAITING... and in the picture a small girl in white cloths ..was just waiting and was looking like an angel... and i dont know the titile of that poem ..but that was also just fantastic where she just Run away from him.. i dont know the title of the poem now... anyway now lets come to her poems

I am just a fan of her poems..her poems are fantastic .. whatever she did i dont care ..but her poems are just amazing..even now i just read her poems and think what should i comment..but .... anyways .. Today i know some albanian language and credit goes to Zana because ...i just learnt few words because of her.. hehehe ..

From her i could understand what is happening in this world ... i was unknown to Albania before meeting her.. and about Kosovo ... i was totally .heheeh ... Its my habit that if i add anyone as my friend then first thing i do ..that is Just to search about her culture , to know about the culture where one belongs.. to know about some basic information of that area ....and when i started studying about KOSOVO..then i introduced to some shocking text also ..some sort of past happenings ..riots, genocide..etc much.. then i just compare that country With PUNJAB in india ... that means the same happened here also in 1984 .... so many things started relating what i think so ...

I think when she entered into ASK ..then she got some wonderful results also ..which tells us that she is good at studies.. she is a good human being ..and is the best friend i ever met in my life..

on 1-jan-2009 .. i know we were silent for many months..but it was a compliment to her that She was the FINEST GIRL I EVER MET IN MY LIFE.. she truely deserves to be Great person..

Once Thomas asked me (i dont know what we were talking about )..but our conversation was ...i think...hmm that which country is ur fav where u would like to visit....then i answered that Russia, kosovo and canada .. i think so canada was there..heeheh... he asked me USA?? ..then i said I dont want to visit USA ...when he asked me about Kosovo ..then u know what must be the answer.. heheeheh ofcourse to see those buildings,a lake, Mosque in Prishtina, University of Prishtina, Library which is situated near the UP, UN house, Police street (i forgot the full name of road).. etc.. ehehehe

Overall I must say She was a wonderful girl..and was one of my best friend..

People Laugh at me Because I am Different.. But I Laugh at them because they all are same..

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