Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Save Your Earth

Currently i am participating in another competition related to Environmental Science. I need to submit a faantastic project there so that it can make some difference out there. Everyone knows i am not so good in Chemistry and there in this project somewhere chemistry playing an important role. I am good in Engineering Physics, But not so good in Chemistry.

We are four membered team but only we two (Me and Sumit) are active in this team. Sumit is also a good guy. First i thought of to submit my same project which i submitted to IRIS last year. But then i thought that will not gonna something better in the Environmental Science Competition.
So Sumit suggested us a new idea. He was talking about to collect the methane from the wetland areas. The idea is we have to made or design such a kind of Membrane that can just store (or absorb) methane and take out the Methane from earth. Now the problem is what kind of that membrane should be and it must be cost efficient also. Anyways then we finished our discussion in the hope of meeting next sunday with some great ideas and some sort of work.

Then i was thinking that why not to collect the marsh gas (methane) from the Sewage disposal. because that would be a great source of Methane. Can't we get that marsh gas from the sewage piplines. I know there would be some..not some..i mean to say so many.. :)..there would be so many Misconcetions in my idea.. So i am in search of an Engineer of Environmental Science.

So i request you if u can have some sort of Idea..then you can submit or share with us.

Amandeep Singh

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