Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Project Idea – Artificial Sensitive Trees

Since everyone knows that I am participating in a competition related to Environmental Science.  I wasn’t getting time to think over this project because I am preparing for my final exams. Today I was studying for whole day. So now I am just writing to refresh my mind and to get my strength back.

I was thinking over the Idea suggested by Sumit , My team mate, he suggested the idea of collecting methane from the wetland areas. It was a quite nice idea. And i hope his method that he thought of may succeed. But anyway Today it was our meeting but i couldn’t talk to him because it was my tuition of mathematics at that timing.

Anyways lets think about another idea… which just came into my mind yesterday when i was writing an email to Sumit about my project and this new idea.

I was thinking that as the level of Carbon dioxide (CO2), SO2, and other so many harmful gases, is rising so why not to design a special kind of trees that can maintain the balance in the environmental. That means a kind of  Artificial Trees that can absorb these kinds of harmful gases and in result they must give us a useful product. These Trees will maintain the balance in the environment, they must be sensitive toward the Environment.

I was also thinking of to use the gas present in the sewage pipeline. May be some sort of use can be…. the thing was i thought of to collect methane from the sewage pipelines but after that i just came to know that there is not such a huge presence of Methane.. there is a huge presence of H2S after that i REALISED that my CHEMISTRY IS QUITE WEAK. eheeh:) anyway still looking for another idea ..i hope i can get the better one..


Heay friends where are you? can’t you suggest something??? Heay Kshiti, Priya, Anna, Seda, Karam, Mittar, Vishal,…..where are you all….??

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